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About Us

The NINES Hotel is nestled in the very heart of Malacca City, designed with innovative architecture to successfully blend colonial and contemporary aesthetics. A hotel that captures all the warmth of a home. A stay will inspire you to uncover the city’s origins and local heritage in a contemporary minimalist setting yet exuding the tranquil of a delightful experience.

The hotel is located prominently along Jalan Tengkera or Tranquerah which connects the historic walls of the old Melaka to the new vibrant city. Tranquerah is a name of Portuguese origin and means 'palisades'. In the year 1511, Afonso de Albuquerque set sail from Goa to Malacca with a force of 1200 men and defeated the Malaccan Sultanate. The city was under frequent counterattacks by Malay, Acehnese and Javanese forces, looking to reclaim their land. Wooden ramparts or palisades were constructed along the shorelines in Tranquerah to defend the Portuguese stronghold. The district was then, largely inhabited by Portuguese-Eurasians known as the Kristang community. Since the Independence of Malaya, land reclamation works have pushed the shoreline further away from Jalan Tengkera. Over the decades, this area has welcomed a multicultural community comprising Malays, Chinese and Indians. This is reflected in the architecture of the buildings and the places of worship found along this street. 


In 2016, a series of 9 pre-war shophouses along Jalan Tengkera was acquired and elegantly restored with an aim to retain the colonial and heritage elements and blending it with a modern contemporary interior and a touch of Peranakan design. 

With a choice of deluxe rooms to double decker lofts, our rooms and facilities were designed with your needs in mind. Spacious, comfortable, family-oriented and with a bit of personality, each one of our 40 rooms will make your stay easy and fun. 







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